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What people say about our 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training


This is a great opportunity to collaborate and support a partner agency. Sandy Greene


I can't think of any part of the information that I wouldn't use in my work and my everyday life.  Gloria Callaghan


Finally! This course pulls together all those great interpersonal skills I've learned piecemeal over the years. Tim Mallory.


The group I worked with was amazing. Donna and the crew were supportive and wonderful teachers. I came out of this with a new thought process and a new way of listening. Thank You!  Carmen Barnette

The training I have received through the Dispute resolution Center will benefit me in many areas. The skills are applicable to many situations both personally and in employment.  I plan to follow through with certification and would encourage others other's to take this training. It is a powerful program!   Candace Earls

This training is critical for anyone who wants to build collaboration and respect within the community.     Tina Martins

Who knew conflict could be such fun!  This training is intense and promotes self-awareness. The presenter, coaches, and staff at the DRC make the adventure enjoyable.  I now have an assortment of problem-solving skills.    Kerry Sanders

This training was a wonderful addition to my curriculum at the Grays Harbor College Human Services program.  I have learned skills that will help me in my personal and professional life. I appreciate Donna, Alison, Barbie, and Stefanie for providing such a wonderful time and education that I will continuously use.    Jodi Brown

I learned a lot and the people were awesome!  I learned a lot about myself and how I can really apply myself.  The class was amazing.      Joy Cooper

This training will change how you look at and deal with conflict.  The skills I learned in Basic Mediation training are life-changing.  I look forward to utilizing these skills in my professional and personal life.  Thank you Donna, Barbie, and Stefanie!     Colleen Overton  


What is Basic Mediation Training?

Sometimes life becomes so busy that normal differences can turn into conflict. If this conflict is not managed it can fester into dispute. When dispute is not resolved it can deteriorate into a battle. Conflict is a normal part of life. Learning how to manage differences is the mission of this course. This Conflict Management course is perfect for learning effective communication and negotiation skills.


Anyone who wants to learn to productively resolve conflict; or assist others in conflict is welcome.

Why become a skilled mediator?  It is so important to learn the foundation needed to handle conflicts between neighbors, your workplace, families, landlord/tenants, peers and businesses. Learn how to build bridges within your communities and not walls!!!


Professionals and non-professionals alike will benefit from improved conflict management skills. Attorneys, judges, public servants, homemakers, business and HR managers, counselors, teachers, social workers, administrators, law enforcement professionals, students, negotiators, and everyone else will find true benefit in conflict management and mediation skills.

We offer Basic Mediation Training at a fraction of the cost compared to bigger cities!!


What is this course about?

This is a 40 hour, highly interactive, conflict management training course. Along with the personal benefits, basic mediation training is required for mediating in Washington State Dispute Resolution Centers (DRC's).


The course examines the role of interest based negotiation and mediating in the larger context of dispute resolution and consider various models and styles.


The course is focused on collaborative, interest based negotiation and mediation; a process that offers substantive, procedural, and psychological satisfaction to parties.


Participants are taught a step-by-step process for disputing parties to gain understanding and find mutually agreeable solutions.


Participants will also be taught the extremely challenging practice of mediation with parties in joint sessions. Theory and practice are blended to teach participants the necessary skills and tools for bringing peaceful resolution.

Donna Hallock is a highly skilled mediator/trainer who will walk you through the process of mediation.  You will become an inner-active part of the training and her teaching-style will keep you engaged! 


The course includes
  • Appropriate dispute resolution

  • Conflict theory and styles

  • Communication skills

  • Cultural differences

  • Negotiation theory and styles

  • Role of the negotiator and the mediator
    Mediation models and styles

  • Stages of negotiation and mediation

  • Role play and demo mediations

  • Consultation and coaching

Ethical and legal issues
  • Course materials


Course Accreditation

CLE: Upon Request



What is Workplace Conflict Management Training?

Sometimes our jobs become so busy that normal differences can turn into workplace conflict. Unmanaged conflict can fester into serious disputes. Unresolved disputes between two coworkers can stall productive team-work; even halt the work of entire departments. Workplace conflicts can end in hurt feelings, ugly legal actions and damaged careers.


And yet, human conflict is normal, even productive. Today innovative high-functioning team-managers utilize differences. They recognize and manage conflict as a matter of daily course.


Conflict Management Training teaches managers how to recognize when conflict is moving in a negative direction. Learning how to positively redirect team members is an important part of leading a productive, peaceful and supportive workplace environment.


What to Expect

This 20 hour course will explore conflict management in the workplace in three specific ways:

  • Lectures on workplace conflict theory include: conflict management techniques and understanding how different people respond to conflict.
  •  Small group skill interactive exercises.
  •  Interactive practice role play designed to give managers an opportunity to intervene in typical workplace disputes.

This course blends theory and skill practice for learning effective workplace conflict management and resolution.


Managers who develop effective conflict management skills will be able to recognize early stage conflict before departments are negatively impacted; and most importantly, before people and/or careers are permanently harmed.


The Goal of Conflict Management Training is to Teach and Introduce:
  • How to Recognize Emerging Conflict

  • How Unresolved Conflict Escalates

  • Workplace Conflict Theory
  • How to Recognize Different Conflict Styles and Behavior
  • How leaders can Intervene in Workplace Disputes at different stages of Escalation

  • Teach Communication Skills for Resolving Conflict

  • Interactive Practice Exercises for developing conflict Management Skills

  • Ways to Deescalate Conflict at different stages of Conflict

  • Provide Opportunities to Role-play mock Workplace Conflict Scenarios

  • Provide ongoing Consultation and Coaching

  • Illuminate Some Ethical and Legal Issues of Workplace Conflict

Course Accreditation

CLE: Upon Request



*An Added Value*


What is Custom Workshop for Businesses and Organizations?

  • Participants may call upon DRC for advice and consultation regarding conflicts      

    between two or more coworkers.

  • Volunteer mediators will be available to facilitate or co-facilitate mediations, at no additional charge, when escalated conflict necessitates.
  • 2-8 hour workshops will be designed to meet the conflict management needs of the organization.

If you have questions or comment, or you would like to Sign up for the 20 Hour Workplace Conflict Management 

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Our training offerings include:
Basic 40 hr. Mediation Training
Workplace Conflict Management Training
Advanced Family Mediation
Parent/Teen Mediation
Multi-Party Mediation
Custom Workshops For Businesses and Organizations